Lagos, Nigeria

Our Founders Message

Empowering The Youth

BettyNwa For Youth was established in 2019
First as the name suggest, for youth, with youth and by youths .
Our convictions was based on three pointers
First – the cry out of youth daily seeking changes in the mist of huge crisis .
Secondly – that Nigeria youths desperately and urgently needed a new generation of grassroots visionary, focus driven ethical, believer, goal getter, humble, understanding, creative and disciplined servant , who stands as a leaders but serve at the same time.

Thirdly – bringing together a group of individual sharing the same vision who can actually work together to help change the mind set of our youths across communities, states, hopefully to other Africa countries as we progress , as well as the rest of the world.

BETTYEF was birthed to focus Mainly on establishing and educating our youths to becoming great leaders both in civics, ethics, governance and succession training programmes for youth,
To include all our youths both in career path civil, society and the public sector business ownership path.

In the short time since we established we have through BettyNwa for your , have both youths , teachers and seminal organises.

BettyNwa is in all 36 states in Nigeria brainstorming helping youths ,
Getting them busy and creative .
Getting our youths to not only start thinking again but to developing and mapping their thoughts into great inventions.
We train them to bring out their creative mind and getting focus.

Teaching them that in order to eat you must farm.
So far we have launched project for the youth , by our youth and with the youth .
We pride ourselves that is such a short time of launching , we have various prior condition for completing the programme with huge project all over the 36 states in Nigeria that we have started .
Done with hard work, focus and great determination we have impacted in thousands of lives in all the 36 states across Nigeria.
Some our newly trained youths will become alumni who will be great leader achieving the highest standard of leadership across Nigeria, our happiness is knowing that we are working daily to build the life of all our youth into great , well mannered and disciplined leaders in all aspect of their lives .