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Empowering The Youth


The growth of any nation requires recognition, empowerment leadership skills to build up the youths this is very crucial for the success of Any organisation. Development, informed decision making which helps to balance the wealthy creation and nation-building.

We found a huge gap when it comes to youth empowerment and sustainable growth for our youth as result BETTYEF have set up and still setting up numerous training courses, work shop, leadership body and visiting of different institutions , creating different courses and practical works tailored for their individual needs .
Teaching team work as the basic factor for a stronger achievement.
We are training them with all the needed courses, work shops and support for our vast entrepreneurs and managers in the private sector, as well as young people at different spheres of development.
We stand for skill, we stand for empowerment, we stand for development and growth, we build a net work of
Leadership, , Accountability & Professionalism (BNYEF) we are also training our leaders to be morals and , fairness and the importance of growth in any nation or establishment, (BNYEF)was founded (2019) we are new regardless of how new we are we have not stopped for a moment.
We work endlessly and selflessly assisting youths , by addressing youths on a one on one basics .

By not only understanding issues, but also mapping out methods and ways that are best in solving and giving final solutions to many overdue crisis centres .

We are not only committed to addressing the crisis of youth growth , youth empowerment, lack of foresight for your youth , leadership roles
But also working to build greater
leadership roles in all of Nigeria and , by facilitating values-driven leadership programmes for not only , small or large organisation , personal, and out overall community transformation is our goal and missions

We have started by introducing how to build our youth , how and to empower them from state to state , how to show them teamwork to build a better future .
Our goals and zeal is to look at the present crisis our youths are facing all over Nigeria and to facilitate in how best to solve the crisis in the next years to see how we can completely eradicate this crisis and to help with a better development of their mind set.

Our motto a mind with solution is a mind with progress
We aim to teach and educate our youths about growth and how
The growth is important from an early age .

One of the very problematic areas for our youth is the lack of foresight
And a vast number of graduates without job.
Our aim is to work closely with our graduate and university student to tackle the issue of jobless and lack of motivation ut to also
Empower them in the aspect of business and self development in all area of business . Result will be producing great entrepreneurs

So we are looking at the future and the current crisis as stated above by understanding redesigning and implementing various leadership programmes,
We need to look at ways to enable us build a solid goal plan for our youths
One that the objectives and clear and doable
We are also going to base to tell them how to achieve result with good planning , basic knowledge and willingness to work and plant

We are touching all 36 states of Nigeria to teach them that unity , clear vision determination and team work with great mentoring is the answer to
A successful future .
With BETTYEF we make it clear that result is what we aim to achieve, we make it clear that they are the leadership of tomorrow’s futures

We are not stoping as we strive each day we are constantly building new courses to expanding our programs with huge training and understanding of the role of leadership and community spirit
We are driven by a mission who wants what is best for youth
We are build our youth for the future of our nature
We are training our youth to know that they are not only leaders for tomorrow but leaders of today .
We are also building confidence with goal driven in all aspect of the life of our youths .
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