Lagos, Nigeria


Empowering The Youth

Bettynwa for youth foundation is founded with the youths of Nigeria on all spheres of life in mind. The foundation started at the grassroots level and grew to the 36 states in Nigeria. Each state has a team group online, with each state having offline meetings at least once a month in order to socialize, share information and brainstorm on how to ensure the purpose of bettynwa for youths foundation brought to life.

Bettynwa for youth foundation caters for the needs of its members, by offering them a national and international platform to speak, and be heard.

To leverage on the platform, the foundation offers both online and offline courses on the following and more; mentorship classes, leadership forum, blogging and influencing to optimize social media, CV and career choice, vocational training, business classes, health care and mental awareness.

Bettynwa for youth foundation has both professionals, graduates, under graduates, skilled and unskilled members all coming together for a greater purpose.


Bettynwa for youth foundation has collaborated with schools and through this, has been able to organize seminars, talks, tutoring etc., thereby, bridging the gap between dropouts and unproductive youths. The foundation also embarks on health walks, care giving, charity and social services to its environment.

The Bettynwa for youth foundation also partners with companies, firms and Individuals to collaborate with the foundation through donations, scholarships, grants and goodwill in other to ensure the thorough execution of all its programmes.

The foundation also runs it’s sports program which comprises of major sports like football, basketball, running etc.
The foundation has also put in motion, the plans and execution of help lines to cater for the mental health of youths against the menace of depression and suicide. Depression is a very vulnerable and bad place to be in for anyone especially the youths.


The state of depression sucks the victim into a deep dark place of emptiness and worthlessness, which make life meaningless to its victim. As a result of the dangers mental health issues brings to youths, their family and Nigeria at large, the foundation is on full guard to ensure it provides help lines for the victims or family members to reach out to when the need arises. The foundation would also have professionally trained personnel at the other end of the help line, ready to counsel and unburden the victims.

Bettynwa for youths has a vision of being a global name within a short period, whilst affecting positively, the lives of our youths who would in turn change the situation of the country around to an enviable state.